Goodgame Big Farm Bot by nanx0

Browser Good rating

Let the machines do the hard work for you on your Big Farm! Just sit back and relax.
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Game URL:

How to Use:
1. Download Botfather
2. Download and Install this script using Botfather
3. Open Botfather Browser and Login into your account (You have to copy and paste your username and password. Autologin coming soon)
4. Once you are logged in, execute this script by clicking RUN in Botfather

* Automatic collection of citizens gifts
* Automatic collection of resources (corn, chicken food, eggs, fertilizer)
* Automatic planting of corn
* Automatic production of chicken food and fertilizer
* Automatic feeding of chickens

Coming soon:
* Better documentation on how to use this script (Hit us on Discord !
* Automatic configuration of the game settings for better perfomance (Game page load, account login, etc)
* Automatic apple and compost production