What is botfather?

Botfather is a universal automation framework developed by some European students. Botfather was initialy created to compete with other CS students in creating bots for casual games. Since then it has been extended to allow the automation of Android, Browser and Desktop apps.

There are no limits what purpose Botfather could serve for you though. One could for example write automated tests for websites, apps and desktop applications using Botfather. Botfather can also be a great tool for students to learn coding and explore complex subjects such as machine learning.

Botfather can be used to run so called scripts. Those contain instructions to control Android Devices and Emulators, Browsers or Desktop Applications. Scripts are written in JavaScript using functions defined by botfather.

You can share Scripts on our website. Read our Documentation to learn how to create your own Scripts. It’s simple and a great way to learn to code. You don’t need to write your own Scripts by the way, look for existing Scripts on our website instead.

Botfather can be used for instance to:

  • Automate boring tasks in online Games, Android Apps and Desktop Games
  • Learn to code and how to write efficient algorithms while having fun
  • Test your websites, Android apps or desktop applications
  • See who of your friends can write the best game playing bot
  • Learn about AI by writting your first genetic algorithm

Scripts and botfather itself are crossplatform (Windows and Linux). As a Script developer you just have to write one Script that automatically runs on all botfather supported platforms. Scripts are naturaly open source, later we will introduce a feature that allows you to protect your scripts and deploy them as standalone applications.