The Point Type

Botfathers script engine provides an inbuild Point type. Use it to represents points in your bot scripts. Some botfather Api methods even require you to pass parameters being Point objects to them.

Table of contents

Point type instanciation

New Point objects can be created proving either the points x and y values or nothing, which results in an point with x, y coordiantes of 0.

  • var null_point = new Point();
  • var point = new Point(42, 128);

Point type methods


Returns the points x value.

  • x (number): The points new x value.

Sets the points x value to x.


Returns the points y value.

  • y (number): The points new y value.

Sets the points y value to y.

  • other_point (Point): The point to be added

Returns a Point object that is the sum of this point and other_point; each component is added separately.

  • other_point (Point): The point to be substracted

Returns a Point object that is formed by subtracting other_point from this point; each component is subtracted separately.

  • other_point (Point): Another point.

Returns the dot product of this point and the other_point.

  • other_point (Point): Another point.

Returns the distance from this point to the other_point.