The Match Type

Objects of type Match are usually returned by botfather Api methods. Matches describe where something has been found and how good the match is.

Match object instanciation

You can create your own matches i.e. for custom match methods. An invalid match can be created passing nothing to the matches constructor; its score will be -1.0. To create an valid Match one has to provide a Rect describing the matches location and the matches score. The matches score tells how good the match is. 1.0 meaning the match matches the searched object 100% and 0.0 meaning the match isn’t even valid. (1.0 = 100%, 0.5 = 50%, 0.35 = 35%).

  • var invalid_match = new Match();
  • var good_match = new Match(new Rect(40, 75, 100, 100), 0.97);

Match object methods


Returns the matches score. The score describes how good the match matches what has been searched for. A score of 0.0 means the match matches the subject 0%. 0.42 means the match matches 42% and 1.0 means the match matches 100%.

  • new_score (number): A float number between 0.0 (0%) and 1.0 (100%).

Sets the matches score to new_score.


Returns where the match matches the object searched for.

  • new_rect (Rect): The rect describing where the match matches the searched for object.

Sets the matches matching location/rect to new_rect.


Returns true if the matches score is greater than 0.0.