Script manager released (version 4.4)

Jan. 24, 2019, 11:02 p.m.

Getting new scripts has never been this easy before. Botfather 4.4.0 features a brand new script browser that allows you to search, download and update scripts. Stay tuned, because this is just one of many upcoming so called convenience updates.

About two months ago we released Botfather 4.4 featuring the brand new script manager. It’s one of many major updates we’re currently working on. In fact we’are so busy working on them that there is little time left for maintaining our blog and our website in general. So this post will just hightlight two major features from a list of changes that doesn’t even fit on my screen.

Whats up next?

We’re working on multi-bot support (works already) and an Config API that allows users to configure scripts using a GUI rather than by editing the actual script file (prototype is working). Bad news is that we are busy students and it might take us some time to polish and release the actual update.

Recently our community (we didn’t know exists) tried to contact us via email quite frequently, so we decided to set up a community forum. We want it to work with the existing botfather accounts and be GDPR compliant. We took a look at Discourse and we liked it. It also has SSO which would allow us to integrate with existing botfather accounts. But we still have to investigate GDPR compliance; (Discourse itself is compliant, but we want account deletion and data requests to be automated).