Flatpak, Timer and more (4.3 released)

Nov. 16, 2018, 3:31 a.m.

Botfather 4.3 features support for all major linux distributions, a new Timer type and as always, many bugs have been fixed and existing features tweaked.

We love Flatpak

The Linux installers for individual distributions have been replaced with a single Flatpak. Botfather now runs all major linux distribution “out of the box”. The Botfather Flatpak is hosted on flathub and thus can be found in some linux software centers by default.

We also updated the Windows installer. It now automatically creates a shortcut in the application menu. And yes, we are aware about crashes of the integrated browser on windows. (we’re working on it).

The new Timer type

Timers have been requested quite some time (pun not intended). Use them to check how much timed passed since they have started.

var timer = new Timer();


if (timer.hasExpired(4000)) {
    Helper.log(timer.elapsed(), "ms elapsed since the timers has been started");

The Timer types documentation will be availabe soon. Beware: There is a .running() method which will be renamed in .isRunning().


Script developers can now print debug messages using Helper.debug(). Such debug messages will only be printed onto the console when the new Wizard Mode setting is turned on.

No more prompts

Botfather used to search for new updates when launched. Botfather no longer does so. If you want to check for updates on windows, do so via the File menu.

To check for updates on Linux (Flatpak), run flatpak update in the terminal or use your software centers update feature.

RIP Pathfinder

The Pathfinder API has been replaced by a new Algorithm API. The Pathfinder.findShortestPath has been moved and renamed to Algorithm.dijkstra. (documentation available soon).

Whats next?

The next update will feature an inbuilt Script Manager. Using the Script Manger scripts can be installed and updated without the need of visiting our website.